Thanks Jamie and company at Upright Tech. My PC came down with the computer cold, which has been going around lately. Jamie said he gets a few cases of sick computers on a regular basis and that he knew exactly what was wrong and how to fix it. It’s great to have a mechanic you can trust because you need your car to get you places. The same goes for a solid Tech support base. If you’re like me, you use your computer for most everything – which makes it vital for me to have a guy I can trust. We all need that kind of professional we can count on. I’ve found mine at Upright Technologies.

Mike Wright Hopkinsville, KY

Had a great experience with Upright Technologies in Hoptown. Took in two of my computers and they replaced the hard drive on one, and performed all kinds of magic on both of them (I’m a computer idiot so I really don’t know what they did) but both work great now. Price was reasonable and service fantastic. Located on Country Club just before you get to Canton. If you’re having computer problems go see em. Good folks!!!!

Joey Allen Gracey, KY

I can’t believe how much quicker my laptop is!!! It feels like a new computer minus the cost. Thank you for the quick turn around and friendly service.

Priscilla Kirby Hopkinsville, KY

Thanks for the good job. My son was so happy to get our laptop back. He immediately got online with it and was yelling, “It’s so much faster than it was. It’s like a brand new one!” Thanks again for making him a happy kid.

Linda Brashears Hopkinsville, KY

Thanks for repairing our Laptop! Upright Technologies provides wonderful service to their customers! We will continue to take all our computer problems, repairs and needs to Upright Technologies

Sherry Skinner Hopkinsville, KY

Was having problems with my laptop…..took it to UPRIGHT TECHNOLOGIES and they were AWESOME!!!! And so QUICK!!! Thanks Jamie!!

Jan Knight Hopkinsville, KY

I took my laptop in to be fixed (new battery, new keyboard, new cd/dvd drive, and wiped the hard drive clean to make it run smoother). You guys did an amazing job and went above and beyond the call of duty to get it done! Thanks guys!!

Joey Snyder Hopkinsville, KY

Just want to say thank you so much and we really appreciate you guys! Super nice, super fast, and excellence service!!! A+++

Jessica Creamer Hopkinsville, KY

Excellent service; Quick turnaround; Jamie is great to work with…will get all of my computer business.

Sherry Mabry Hopkinsville, KY

Thanks to Upright Technologies. You saved me. You’re the best!!

Lorie Sanderson Hopkinsville, KY

I couldn’t have been more pleased with the service I received from Upright Technologies. My computer runs like it’s brand new. I would and will recommend you to everyone I know. I appreciate your promptness and your prices are more than fair. It was nice to walk into a business and be greeted with smiling faces. So many places you go people act as if you’re a bother to them, but you and your wife were so friendly and I appreciate that as much as the awesome service.

Stephanie Pugh Hopkinsville, KY

Just wanted to say thanks again for the work you did on my laptop! That’s the best and friendliest customer service I’ve experienced in a long time!

Alissa Sanderson Hopkinsville, KY

Just wanted to say Thank you so much for fixing our computer! It works so so so much better! Thanks again guys!

Danielle Renshaw Hopkinsville, KY

I was very pleased with your service, how friendly all of you were and how fast you took care of my problems. Thanks again for your fast and very good service!

Ron Gafford Hopkinsville, KY

Needed files recovered from our business computer that died. Jamie got the files off and got us up and running. I’m glad to have someone to help with computer issues that is knowledgeable and that I TRUST!! Thanks Jamie!

Greg Martin Hopkinsville, KY

…You have the gift of the technical know-how and the ability to teach people how to use technology in a practical way…

Walker McCutcheon Clarksville, TN

I cannot say enough about Jamie Ausenbaugh. He and his father have worked on my computers for about six years. The business name says it all. I would recommend them without hesitation. They have integrity, honesty and an excellent knowledge of computers and are very nice to work with!! Good luck and thank you!!

Jackie Lincoln Hopkinsville, KY